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Neurotoxin Parties Botox or Jeuveau

50% off of your treatment when you host a neurotoxin party with 5 or more friends.

Over 50 units and save

12/ unit price and 10/unit over 50 units

Two Treatments & Save

Buy two treatment within one year and you will get 10% off your second purchase.

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Couple Treatment: His and Her Shot with PRP

Coming from out of town or just want a night away with your partner after your treatment? Visit Vitality Medical Spa for a couple’s package of two treatments (His-shot and Her-shot) and enjoy one free night in a local hotel as our treat!

*Two people must purchase any combination of the ‘His-shot and ‘Her-Shot’ to be applicable for this package.

Refer A Friend

When you refer a friend, you will get $50 dollars off your next visit at Vitality Medical Spa in Kingsburg California 93631. Just have your referral mention your name at their appointment and we will add credit to your account!

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Pico Tatoo removal-


  • PRICES: 

    Small (Less than 3″): $150 per treatment ( purchase 6 treatments )

    Medium (3″-6″): $250 (Purchase 6 treatments)

    Large (6″<  ) : Consultation Needed

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Painless Laser hair removal Prices-



  • FACE: $50 – per treatment 
  • AXILLA or BIKINI: $65 – per treatment
  • FULL BRAZILLIAN: $185 – per treatment
  • CHEST/BACK: $250 – per treatment
  • ARMS OR LEGS FULL: $165 – per treatment
  • HALF ARMS OR LEGS: $145 – per treatment

    * Each treatment requires 6-10 sessions to see final results * 

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C02 Laser facial rejuvination Prices-



  • C02  Deep treatment  face/neck -$1500 per treatment  or 2 treatments for $2600

  • C02 light treatment  Face/neck – $800 per treatment or 2 treatments for $1200  
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 Plasma Rich Plasma Treatments in Kingsburg

  • PRP Hair Restoration – $600 per treatment
  • PRP Joint Injections – $600 per treatment
  • Microneedling (face, neck, etc.) with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – $800 per treatment
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Breast Lift – $1,500  per treatment
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Butt Lift – $1500 per treatment
  • ‘His-Shot” & “Her-Shot”- $1,000 per treatment
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Juvederm Ultra XC Filler Treatments in Kingsburg


  • 1/2 syringe – $400
  • 1 full syringe – $700
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Non-surgical face lift- Miracu threads- Kingsburg


  • $100 per thread: $400 to $2000 depending on how many threads you need
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Cosmetic and Medical Neurotoxin Therapies In Kingsburg

Botox  cosmetic or Botox Medical  in Kingsburg

  • $12/ unit under 50 units
  • $10/ unit over 50 units

Jeuveau Toxin treatments in Kingsburg

$12/unit under 50 units

$10/ Unit over 50 units



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Women Getting Injections
Women Getting Injections