What is a P-Shot and how does it work?

The Priapus Shot is a treatment for male sexual enhancement. The procedure is a quick and usually painless non-surgical procedure. The P-Shot begins with a blood draw and then using a proprietary technique, platelet-rich plasma is extracted from the blood and injected back into the numbed area of the shaft and head of the penis.

What To Expect With The P-Shot?


What are the benefits?

  • The P-Shot is a non-surgical treatment that gives almost immediate results.
  • Drug free enhancement
  • Increased sensitivity, desire, girth, and length
  • Fast and relatively painless treatment
  • Better, healthier sexual relations
  • Able to engage in relations same day of procedure

What does it treat?

  • Decreased sensation and pleasure
  • Inability to achieve firmness
  • Inability to maintain firmness until partner is satisfied
  • Decrease in size (often seen with normal aging)
  • An angle that causes pain or inability to have relations (Peyronie’s Disease)

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

How much growth can I expect?
Results may vary. Some men have noticed an increase in girth, but everyone is different.
Where is the injection put?
A small needle is used to place PRP into the penis and the head of the penis.
Does it hurt?
You have the choice to have a lidocaine injection to minimize pain. Some men choose to have the procedure performed with only local topical anesthesia. Either way, men report minimal pain.

Package Deals

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